About DIC

Denver In Color: The Concept

Denver in Color is much more than a photojournalism book and much more than a website. Its a movement! A movement to give black and white couples a voice of their own. Allow us to bring the voices of these couples in Denver to light to show you that true love has no color. As American photographer Andri Cauldwell once stated, “To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.”

Given the history of racism amongst blacks and whites in America, black and white couples have a unique experience in which couples of different races do not. Subjectively, one can say Denver has a relatively large number of black and white couples and has the reputation of being a great place for these couples to live.

Denver  In Color: The Process

Once you decide to become a part of the Denver In Color social documentary project, we will schedule a time suitable for you to do our video interview and portrait session.  If the opportunity presents, we prefer to come to you for two reasons. First, most people are always more comfortable in their own home and that allows for a more intimate interview. Second, we value your time. Allowing us to come to you means less time that you may need to take out of your day to be part of Denver In Color.

At your home we will set up video lights, cameras and a portable photo studio. Interviews are usually conducted in the living room or family room as it’s often the largest and most comfortable room for you to be in while we have our conversation about your relationship and what makes it special.  The recorded interview is an informal discussion between you and Denver In Color that usually takes about 35-40 minutes.

Following the interview is a 15-20 minute photo session in which we capture the physical element of the two of you. We do not pose or expect anything other than for you and yours to let your love and devotion flow – however it comes out.

All together, the total time that we ask of you is a max of two hours to allow for the setting up and breaking down of multimedia gear.

Denver In Color: The People

Jason Davis:








I’m a travel physical therapist by day and a huge dreamer by night. Born in Brooklyn, New York, one of the world’s most diverse cities, I have never taken diversity for granted. However, as diverse as most major cities are they can be very segregated. As the mastermind behind Denver In Color, I have one goal in mind, to convey to the world how accepting Denver is of interracial couples.

Having obtained my doctorate in physical therapy, competed in body building competitions & triathlons, I know it takes perseverance and patience since nothing comes easy, similar to these relationships in Denver In Color. My career led me to Denver but my growing passion for the outdoors, snow boarding and free spirited people have led me to call Denver my home. Photography is a another hobby of mine but working with a professional photographer like Jonathan has been a blessing & more importantly, has allowed me to breathe life into this project.


Jonathan Castner:

My photography is about changing how people see the world around them. It is also about communicating information that builds bridges of connection between people. When I photograph my subjects, I validate their stories, their lives and by extension reaffirm their fundamental worth and dignity. This involves a delicate exchange of trust and it is a ballet that can be transformative for both parties. Having previously been in interracial relationships, meeting Jason and hearing of his concept seemed to be a natural fit for me. It is also a logical extension of my ongoing series of stories about people in quiet subcultures.

I am originally from Detroit but have called Denver my true home for the last sixteen years. When I am not in the field making photographs for publications ranging from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Discover Magazine, I spend time with three cats, who think that my desk is their personal lounge, and my wife who unlike the cats has learned not to sit on my keyboard when I’m working.

My professional site is located here: jonathancastner.com