About DIC

The Creator: Jason Davis

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I’m a travel physical therapist by day and a huge dreamer by night. Born in Brooklyn, New York, and having travelled all over the world, I have never taken diversity for granted. As the creator and founder of Denver In Color, LLC I have one goal in mind: to spread love.

Having obtained my doctorate in physical therapy, competed in body building competitions & triathlons, I have learned nothing in life comes easy. I take pride in hosting annual Loving Day Celebrations in Denver to encourage diversity and acceptance. While my career has led me to the Mile-High City, a passion for the outdoors, snowboarding, and the area's free-spirited people led me to call Denver home for eight years. 

About the Photographer: Jonathan Castner

I am a documentary and editorial photographer who specializes in telling the stories of normal yet extraordinary people. I am the visual heart of Denver In Color, bringing a sensitive approach the enables subjects to reveal their true emotional selves without artifice.

I am originally from Detroit but have called Denver my true home since moving there in 1995. My work has been published by a variety of newspapers and magazines worldwide. I live with my wife, Angela Rose, and our three cats. I can often be found on my motorcycle in an ongoing effort to visually explore the people and experiences of the modern West.