About DIC

Denver In Color: The Concept

Denver in Color is much more than a photojournalism book and much more than a website. Its a movement! A movement to give black and white couples a voice of their own. Allow us to bring the voices of these couples in Denver to light to show you that true love has no color. As American photographer Andri Cauldwell once stated, “To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.”

Given the history of racism amongst blacks and whites in America, black and white couples have a unique experience in which couples of different races do not. Subjectively, one can say Denver has a relatively large number of black and white couples and has the reputation of being a great place for these couples to live.

The Creator: Jason Davis

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I’m a travel physical therapist by day and a huge dreamer by night. Born in Brooklyn, New York, and having travelled all over the world, I have never taken diversity for granted. As the creator and founder of Denver In Color, LLC I have one goal in mind: to spread love.

Having obtained my doctorate in physical therapy, competed in body building competitions & triathlons, I have learned nothing in life comes easy. I take pride in hosting annual Loving Day Celebrations in Denver to encourage diversity and acceptance. While my career has led me to the Mile-High City, a passion for the outdoors, snowboarding, and the area's free-spirited people led me to call Denver home for eight years. 

About the Photographer: Jonathan Castner

I am a documentary and editorial photographer who specializes in telling the stories of normal yet extraordinary people. I am the visual heart of Denver In Color, bringing a sensitive approach the enables subjects to reveal their true emotional selves without artifice.

I am originally from Detroit but have called Denver my true home since moving there in 1995. My work has been published by a variety of newspapers and magazines worldwide. I live with my wife, Angela Rose, and our three cats. I can often be found on my motorcycle in an ongoing effort to visually explore the people and experiences of the modern West.